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Every touchpoint between your customers and your business can make the difference between them buying from you or walking away. Therefore, it’s essential that your customers receive a consistently positive experience every time they interact with your business.

In this article we look at how Unified Communications (UC) can help you achieve the highest levels of service across your customer communication channels.

First of all, some definitions:

What are Unified Communications?

Unified Communications combine all your electronic communication methods (eg telephone, video, chat, and collaboration tools) into one intuitive interface.

Find out more about Unified Communications.

What is omnichannel customer support?

Omnichannel customer support is all about providing each customer with a seamless experience across every communications channel.

With good omnichannel support your customers will receive consistently excellent service whenever they come into contact with your business, regardless of how that contact is initiated.

How does Unified Communications support omnichannel customer service?

Unified Communications provides a single, integrated service for all your voice and online customer communications.

These are some of the key benefits:

Personalised, frustration-free interactions

We’ve all had the aggravating experience of dealing with a call centre where you’ve had to repeatedly explain your issue to multiple agents.

Omnichannel support removes this frustration.

Unified Communications systems integrate with most CRM packages. This means that when a customer gets in touch the agent is immediately able to identify who the customer is, what products they’ve purchased, any issues they’ve had, when they last got in touch, etc.

In short, the agent is instantly ready to deal with the customer’s enquiry.

It also gives you the opportunity to integrate other technologies, such as hospitality booking engines and healthcare management platforms.

Communicating according to your customers’ preferences

Different customers will naturally have different communication preferences. And even the same customer might want to get in touch with you through different channels at different times.

An omnichannel approach through Unified Communications puts your customer in the driving seat. You’re giving them the widest possible choice of communication channels, while ensuring that they receive the same excellent, seamless experience from each of them.

It also gives you the ability to offer suitable contact options for every step along your customers’ journeys. And this includes enhancing your post-purchase customer retention processes.

Speedier, easier internal communications

The ease with which your team can communicate with each other determines the efficiency of the customer experience they provide.

A Unified Communications solution will enable your people to deal with queries more speedily, and collaborate with colleagues more effectively.

The single UC interface enables you to instantly see which colleagues are available to help with a customer enquiry. The range of communication options enables you to easily chat, call, video call and screen share with colleagues.

Our Wildix Unified Communications solution showing a variety of communications available within a single intuitive interface.

And, being a cloud-based service, it’s as easy to contact your colleagues whether they are in the next room or the next country.

Contact centre management

Switching to Unified Communications doesn’t mean you have to compromise on how you manage your contact centre. Quite the opposite.

UC solutions provide all the contact management solutions you need, for queuing set ups, realtime monitoring of traffic levels, menu systems, voicemail and reporting.

But they have an added advantage – these benefits don’t just apply to your phone traffic, but to all your communications methods. Enabling you to provide a consistent contact management experience across all channels and consolidated management information.

The same contact centre team can manage all your digital communications. This further enhances the consistency of the customer experience, because the person they speak to on the phone could be the same person they chatted to online.

Business continuity benefits

Because our Unified Communications solutions can be cloud based, they enable your team to continue to provide a consistent experience to your customers from anywhere and anytime.

Meaning that if you have a planned (or sudden unplanned) change in your office arrangements, your customer communication systems have the flexibility to immediately adapt to your new circumstances.

Bottom line benefits

Once omnichannel support is established within your business, you can start to reap the rewards:

  • Greater customer satisfaction, leading to stronger customer loyalty, more referrals and greater competitive advantage.
  • Increased productivity, due to more effective and efficient contact handling.
  • Reduction in service-related complaints.
  • Simplified internal communications, leading to more effective collaboration.
  • The opportunity to reduce costs by removing extraneous services.
  • Increased job satisfaction due to being able to offer a great service effortlessly, reducing employee attrition.

Start giving your customers the support they deserve

We offer omnichannel support through our Wildix Unified Communications package. In a single interface it combines:

  • Voice telephone calls
  • Video calls
  • Online chat
  • Fax
  • SMS (text messaging)
  • Screen sharing
  • File transfer
  • User status and geolocation
  • Memo messages
  • Shared phonebook

And it offers integration with the most popular CRM systems including Zoho, Salesforce Lightning and HubSpot, and with the enterprise grade Zendesk helpdesk application.

Contact us through our website chat or one of our other communication channels – to find out how omnichannel customer support through Unified Communications could benefit your organisation.

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