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Employee making a phone call through Microsoft Teams

What difference would it make to your business to be able to use Microsoft Teams to call everyone you and your employees need to speak to? If you’re already using Microsoft Teams wouldn’t it be easier to receive all external calls through Teams, making it possible to manage all telephone and video calls on one platform no matter where your people are working?

Your Teams software becomes your Unified Communications platform

You may have already heard of the term Unified Communications. This refers to systems that bring all your communications together into one platform, this means integrating

  • telephone calls
  • video calls
  • online chat
  • messaging / SMS functionality
  • and more.

By making it easier for employees to collaborate with colleagues and customers in whatever ways work best for the situation, Unified Communications systems can have a big positive impact on productivity.

Teams already does most of this and the missing piece is making telephone calls to others outside your organisation.

Using our telephony and IT expertise, ITS can connect your existing Microsoft Teams software to your existing infrastructure (including an on-premises or cloud PBX telephone system; also SIP Trunks) allowing you to make and receive calls on any Teams enabled device.

Escape a need to invest in new telephony infrastructure

A big benefit to this solution is there’s no need to install any new hardware or software. ITS provide a licence that gives Teams the telephone call functionality. It does this by allowing Teams to connect with your existing PBX (Private Branch Exchange) or SIP (Session Initial Protocol) Trunks, or a hosted telephone system.

You purchase a licence for each user, meaning you can enable the solution only for those users and groups that need it. You can review this at any time, giving you the flexibility to increase or reduce the number of licences as and when you need to. This gives you complete control over how many licences you need and, importantly, your telephony budget.

If you are already using Microsoft with an E3 or E5 licence, this is a cost-effective solution as an add-on to your existing Microsoft subscription, rather than incurring the expense of a separate telephony system. Alternatively, you can add a Microsoft Teams Phone Licence to basic or standard licences that will work in conjunction with our integration product.

Support your remote and hybrid workers with fewer apps

Your employees may be working remotely, where they are more likely to be using mobile devices for Teams and calls, or at the office using Teams from a desktop. Wherever they’re working you can offer them the same functionality for phone calls, video calls and messaging, all through the same platform.

By offering everything they need in once place, you can

  • reduce individual cognitive load
  • reduce IT related frustration at your workplace
  • increase individual and team productivity
  • allow seamless customer communication
  • retain use of all the productivity tools within Teams
  • reduce the costs of using multiple systems.

If you’d like to find out more about using Teams to make telephone calls or any other options for Unified Communications for your business, please do contact us. You can use our website chat or our contact page.

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