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We recently came across this story about how rural businesses are affected by poor internet connectivity and felt it made a very important point about the state of the UK’s broadband infrastructure. Whilst it is very easy to say that if your business depends on a reliable internet connection then investing in a leased line should be considered a “no brainer”, but not all businesses can afford these types of circuits and, more importantly, should they have to pay extra for the privilege of a being able to connect to the internet?

A poor internet connection – or, in some cases, no access to the internet at all – means that many businesses located in rural areas are often unable to source the products and services they need, communicate with their customers, manage their website or promote their business via digital channels. It can be an extremely frustrating experience for business such as the one in the linked article, and businesses across the UK are hoping and praying that the Government’s new digital strategy can help resolve many of the connectivity issues experienced by enterprises of all types and sizes.

Read the full article here: Broadband Nightmares: If There’s No Connection Our Business Grinds to a Halt.

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