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ITS are as always endeavouring to keep up its level of services in these difficult times. We are ensuring that by providing all of our team the ability to work from home we should be able to continue that same level of service and response over the coming weeks.

However due to government restrictions we, and our suppliers feel it is necessary to put in place certain work practices to protect the network, the pubic, and our engineers to help contain the threat of the Coronavirus.

Broadband and Telephone Lines – New Installation and Inflight Orders

ITS will continue to accept and deliver Telephone Line and Broadband services where no internal access to the premises is needed. Where an onsite visit and the customer is not deemed “at risk” or part of the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) then the appointment will be rescheduled after 1st June.

Please note: The definition of CNI is: NHS, pharmacies, utilities, emergency services, retail and wholesale food distribution outlets, financial services businesses as defined by YouGov.

Please note: The definition of “at risk” is in line with PHE’s (Public Health England’s) Covid-19 at risk criteria (i.e. pregnant/over 70/under 70 with an underlying medical condition)

Ethernet Provision – New Installations and Inflight Orders

 We are accepting Ethernet deliveries and will continue with all works outside of the client’s premises to curtilage. Network providers will not proceed to onsite install for any non CNI customers for new orders and in-flight deliveries and at this stage cancelled appointments will not be reappointed automatically when work is required from a Third Party. ITS are taking action to review all inflight deliveries and highlight services that fall under the CNI (Critical National Infrastructure) umbrella from our suppliers and to yourselves. Please work with us during this process and communicate critical services to our ordering teams.

Repair (WLR, Broadband and Ethernet) – External Work

We will arrange for repair work to be carried out as normal in the event that faults can be resolved remotely or the fault lies outside of your premises.

Repair (WLR, Broadband and Ethernet) – Customer Access Required

We, and our suppliers engineers, will no longer be able to enter customer premises, unless the customer meets the “at risk” or CNI criteria. Where services are interrupted we request your assistance to provide, where possible, alternative solutions.

We appreciate these are challenging and unprecedented times for us all as businesses and individuals. At this juncture we need to work effectively together to provide key infrastructure to critical services and ensure we maintain social distancing where possible for the safety of each other and the protection of our NHS.

If you have any questions or concerns, then please do not hesitate to contact us.