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ITS are, as always, endeavouring to keep up its level of services in these difficult times. We are continuing to proceed with caution with a slowly phased transition back to working from our offices.

Our staff will still have the option to work from home if required as part of our plans is to ensure that they are comfortable with the new working environment.

Provided our team are comfortable with the new environment we have created and to reduce the amount of potential contact within our office we are splitting days of the week between working from home, and working from the office.

As restrictions are being lifted we are now able to perform far more tasks involving site visits and other types of works. However we encourage our team and our clients to exercise caution at all times.

We are providing our team with the necessary PPE items and our instructions to those who are attending site are as follows:

  • Before travelling to a customers site ensure you have adequate PPE including facemasks, gloves and sanitiser.
  • Always use antiseptic gel or sanitiser before entering and upon leaving a premises
  • Do not touch equipment including telephone handsets unless absolutely necessary, and if necessary, use gloves.
  • Where possible we are asking our clients to perform certain test actions on their devices with our instructions being provided from a safe distance.
  • If an area you require access to is busy, politely inform those involved that you require access to the area.
  • If not immediately possible then take a step back and arrange a time when you will have clear access.
  • If members of our team feel unsafe or concerned in anyway we reserve the right for them to make their own judgment on the validity of being able to complete the tasks in hand.
  • We would gently advise our clients that works and projects will inevitably take longer to complete and would politely request that if ITS are to attend site to perform necessary work that they assist as much as possible in providing us space so that the task can be completed in a timely manner. ITS will not be held responsible for delays caused by hampered working conditions.

Broadband and Telephone Lines – New Installation and Inflight Orders

ITS are now able to provide installations of these services involving access to buildings.

Ethernet Provision – New Installations and Inflight Orders

ITS are now able to provide installations of these services involving access to buildings.

Repair (WLR, Broadband and Ethernet)

Fault diagnosis and repair work can now be carried out within safety guidelines.

We believe that there are still challenging times ahead, however during these unprecedented times we are certain that if the correct procedures are followed, and the situation in hand is provided the respect that is necessary, we can all continue to operate in a mutually beneficial manner and help keep the spread of Covid-19 under control.

If you have any questions or concerns, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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