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Leased lines are a must for the modern business. Leased lines provide your business with a cost-effective and reliable dedicated internet connection that comes with the added benefits of ultra-low latency with high upload and download speeds, and of course, no slow-down at peak times.

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What is a leased line?

A leased line is delivered using fibre and offers dedicated internet access with guaranteed download and upload speeds. These speeds are symmetrical which aids in reduced latency and ping rates. A dedicated internet connection will ensure that your business has a constant internet speed throughout the day and you will experience no slow-down on the line, even at peak times. For added flexibility, you can choose a variety of speeds that suit your business needs, ranging from 10Mbps up to 10Gbps.

If your business runs bandwidth-hungry internet applications or shares large data files regularly, get in touch with ITS Limited to see if you could benefit from a leased line installation.

Benefits of a dedicated internet connection

If you’re unsure a leased line connection will help benefit your business, consider these following benefits of a leased line connection:

  • Dedicated Line – Leased lines provide a 1:1 Contention rate which means that your office will never have to share bandwidth with other internet users throughout the day, resulting in zero slow down at peak times.
  • Symmetric download & upload speeds – Get the same speed regardless of if you’re uploading or download. This feature is essential if your business shares large data files, or uses VoIP software such as Skype often.
  • Ultra-low latency – This means that your data is transferred quickly, and reliably. Crucial for VoIP programs, or financial trading applications.
  • Cost Effective – Most leased lines have no data cap which means you can upload and download as much data as your organisation needs.

Why choose ITS Limited?

At ITS Limited we are conscious that the market is growing ever competitive for leased line connections, and we understand that our customers only want the best leased lines available. We work with a range of providers, which allows us to source only the very best prices and connections in your area regardless of your connectivity requirements.

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