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What is call management?

Call management is the use of a specialist system or software to better manage incoming and outgoing calls within your business operation. The overarching aim is to optimise the handling of telephone traffic – clients, suppliers or referrals amongst employees – to inform areas of inefficiency and record data to quantify ‘performance’.

Call management systems are very versatile, providing services such as taking the calls of clients and direct appropriately to the relevant department or staff member. This may take the form of a menu option for callers, whereby they dial an additional number according to their specific query. This provides benefit to the customer because the first human voice they hear is more likely to be able to action their query satisfactorily. Call management also covers the outgoing call activity of a business by logging calls with customers or suppliers automatically.

How can ITS help your business?

ITS’ Our ‘Office Solutions for Business’ is a cost-effective suite of software applications that will help drive efficiency and enhance your customers’ experience with your business. We provide proven solutions for call centres and many other types of businesses with call logging software, call recording solutions and database integration.

After an initial consultation, ITS will work with you to develop a bespoke call management system, which complements and enhances your existing business processes. We care about your goals and enhancing your customers’ satisfaction. Your telephone system can be designed to automate reports, identify misuses or flaws in your system, and allocate costs to a specific department. ITS also appreciates that technology is constantly evolving, therefore we offer continued support after initial installation to ensure your system remains relevant and facilitates your business growth.

For example, our systems can identify the busiest periods and most commonly received queries, in order to inform the most efficient use of resources i.e. how many call handlers are needed at which specific times. It could be to develop historic call reports to objectively assess the effectiveness of your business’ communications strategies and whether a change of tact is required.

ITS call management solutions utilise metrics such as query type and average call duration. In turn, this can identify any deficiencies in your marketing performance, i.e.
What is working well? Which activities could be cut? Are there particular times where the customer experience is negatively impacted due to a lack of call handlers?

We have developed our own unique system called ITS Hosted, a Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) telephone system that reduces the need for expensive hardware. ITS also support a wide range of telephone systems including Nortel, Toshiba, NEC and Panasonic.

Deciphering the jargon: Our Call Management Systems

  • Automatic call distributors/dialogue systems
    When an automated script interacts with a client or supplier instead of a human. This is typically used in incoming telephone communications. This technology is
    commonly used as the first point-of-call, and then refers the caller to the relevant human department. However, the development of artificial intelligence means
    some businesses now conduct entire conversations using this method, thus reducing staff and training expenditure.
  • Call logging
    Not to be confused with call recording, this term refers to the data recorded about calls made or received in a telephone system. Data that can be recorded includes
    call duration; call frequency; the department the caller spoke with; and whether they were a new caller or returning customer.
  • Call queuing
    A system that allows your business to answer calls even if you are not able to take them immediately, due to not having enough employees available. In this situation, customers will be placed on hold. To manage their expectations, you can provide an estimated waiting time or tell them the number they are currently placed in the queue.
  • Call recording
    This is more rudimentary than call logging. Call recording refers to an exact record being taken of a particular call, which is then stored within the telephone system
    and used at later date for training purposes or an audit of current customer service quality. Hardware and/or software tap into a phone line to record a conversation.
  • Call transfers
    A function within a telephone system that allows either a computer or human agent to redirect a phone call to the necessary department. In modern systems,
    this may be as simple as pressing a short extension number, unique to a particular colleague or department. This can be announced or unannounced to the caller.
  • Computer telephony integration (CTI)
    The use of computers to manage telephone calls on behalf of an organisation. Features include caller authentication by screening their number against a
    database; voice recognition software; matching a number with the corresponding customer record to minimise unnecessary or duplicate information requests; and,
    automatic outbound telemarketing.

From hosted telephony to hardware like NEC phones and Panasonic phones, we can help. Contact us if you’d like more information about how ITS can provide the ideal call management solution for your business.

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Telephone calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

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