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VoIP (Voice over IP) phone services are becoming an increasingly popular choice for technology-conscious companies looking to make their business telephone systems more streamlined and efficient. This can save huge installation and running costs, especially if you’re a business that tends to make lots of outgoing calls. ITS are leading providers of VoIP phone services across Kent, Sussex and Surrey. If you think we can help you, get in touch to talk more about your business VoIP phone system needs or keep reading for more information.

What are VoIP Phone Systems?

In laymen’s terms, VoIP is essentially a telephone service over the internet rather than the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

Users of VoIP phone services are not limited by the number of calls they can make, and employees are able to use VoIP whilst on the go. This becomes a bigger advantage and necessity as your business expands. There are lots of options available including cloud telephone systems, VoIP and traditional phone lines, so it’s important that you consider which type is most suitable for your business.

Why Choose VoIP Phone Services?

Lower costs. Installing traditional phone lines can carry extensive costs, as well as the facts that traditional phone lines charge you per minute, whereas VoIP phone systems have a set monthly fee. Calls between your VoIP extensions are completely free regardless of where you’re located geographically, making it an extremely worthwhile investment for growing businesses.

In addition to this, costs are limited due to the hardware and software used for VoIP. At ITS, we install the latest VoIP technology available, meaning you’ll have lower maintenance costs. All that is required is a VoIP handset into the network.

Increased mobility & worldwide access. More and more employers are providing the means for employees to work flexibly or from home. VoIP allows employees to remotely use their office fax and data services provided they have an internet connection.

More effective communication. Having your employees able to communicate, wherever they are, is essential to the running of your business. With VoIP phone systems, you never have to miss an urgent call again. Urgent calls can be transferred to different devices within the same phone call when left unanswered. For example, the first few rings may be directed to your office, and the next few transferred to a second or third device until someone is available. This means more time is spent answering important calls than checking voicemails.

Ease of use. Even for those that are not particularly technically savvy, using VoIP and knowing how to use it is easy. ITS can install the service and train you on how to use it. In addition, our hosted solution comes with a web-based portal offering a simple management tool for your telephone system. And, in the unlikely event that you have a problem, a service team will be on hand to offer support.

Reliability. One of the main concerns of using VoIP phone services is that in the event of a power outage, your business won’t take calls. However, VoIP is extremely flexible and you can plan for these events. You have the capability to choose where these calls are forwarded, meaning they can be transferred to other devices such as your mobile or tablet if necessary.

Here at ITS Limited, we are one of the South East’s leading VoIP phone services, offering superior phones to both small and large businesses in and around Kent, as well as hosted telephones in Sussex and business phones in Surrey. Whether you’re a looking for business telephones for startups, SMEs or larger enterprises, our VoIP systems are a very viable option for your business. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to learn more.

Why Choose ITS VoIP Phone Systems?

Whether you’re looking for a complete overhaul of an existing system or a small upgrade to implement alongside your existing technology, we understand how daunting this can be. Having the best communication system in place for your business makes you available for your customers, and without this, your company would suffer significantly.

Our experts are happy to manage the process on your behalf, from initial consultation and quotation to installation and ongoing support. We’ll even talk with other suppliers like BT on your behalf, so communication is simpler and more efficient. Rather than having to remain on hold talking with multiple telecoms providers, simply call us and we can help.

We’re local experts in everything telecommunications, and with over 20 years experience in the industry, we’re ready to share our knowledge with your business to improve your IT and telecommunications infrastructure.

We also offer a combination of other services, from Panasonic phone systems to business line rentals, dedicated internet connections, business voicemail services and more. If you’re in need of VoIP phone services and are interested in working with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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