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The type of telephones and telephone functionality you’ll need will be very specific to your business. Whether you are office based, working from home, or out and about most of the time, we have the perfect solution for you.

Telephone types

We offer a wide range of desk and mobile phones from leading manufacturers. As well as ensuring the crystal clear sound you’d expect from modern technology our phones come with a raft of additional functionality to allow you to manage your calls, whether internally between colleagues or externally with customers, as effectively as possible.

Our mobile applications will ensure that you can manage your calls and messages as easily out of the office as you can at your desk.

If you opt to combine all your voice, video and text communications through our Unified Communications package, a range of handsets, video phones and headsets are available.

Phone adaptations

Should you require phones with special adaptations, such as larger buttons for the visually impaired, or telephones fitted with inductive couplers for hearing aid users, we can provide these and integrate them seamlessly within your system.

Making the right choice

Our solutions focus on your business now and your business in the future – so we’ll recommend a system which will grow with you.

Your choice of phones goes hand in hand with your choice of connectivity solution and we can advise you on both to ensure that you receive a service which will give you the most productivity at the least cost.

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